Thursday, December 13, 2012

What are they smoking?!?!

Ok.....I normally wouldn't give something like this the time of day...but there is something so sick and twisted with what I'm about to tell you that I think it should be said.
 I was trolling the internet, minding my own business when I somehow stumbled across a news story about two women in Ukraine who have made it their job to become living dolls. .......No's their job! One is Barbie and the other is some anime character. I don't know how many plastic surgeries they have had to achieve these beautiful....but REALLY creepy looks...but, it's just that...CREEPY! (By the way, yeah, these are actual photos of the two girls.)

Valeria Lukyanova

The really sad part is they both think they look beautiful. They think they are doing a service to the world, bringing joy to people by living out the childhood fantasies of unattractive little girls and Barbie and Anime fans around the world. HUH?????? Maybe this is the aftermath of Chernobyl...the radiation cooked their senses.  It has to be something like that....would a person in their right mind do this? 
Really though, it's things like this that make me realize, as shallow as American pop culture is....we are at least working to correct our own misconceptions of beauty. Ad campaigns by company's like Dove and media blitzes promoting how to have a healthy self image are making a difference here in the US. Thank God! So as creepishly beautiful as these girls wouldn't fly here in the US and that's something I'm proud of.

Anastasiya Shpagina

Real beauty isn't from looking like a doll....really beautiful women are flawed...imperfect and know they are unique and priceless. Really beautiful women don't need to pretend to be something else...they are who they are. My heart goes out to these two girls....their shelf life is running out. How long will their beauty last.....what will they do when it fades? Do they have an identity outside of the plastic one they've created? These are the things I wonder about....but more importantly....they need a solid, foundation of faith. Beauty fades, popularity and fame fade, but faith in God will last and will give value beyond the shallow things we seek here. 

Love and Affirmation,

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