Friday, December 14, 2012

Fa La La

Oh my it just me or did this year fly by way too fast? I was watching tv last night and a Christmas commercial came on for CBS, you might have seen it too. It's the one showing a slide show of the different characters from their shows with little chalk details drawn on them. It's cute...and original...but as I looked at it I suddenly realized it's been an entire year since the last time I saw that,and it feels like only a few weeks! Where did the time go?!?!  I don't remember being in a coma for any of that time....I rememeber most of what I did. Of course, don't ask me what I had for dinner two nights ago, but I can remember a meeting I had a few months ago.
What DID I have for dinner a couple of nights ago.....hmmm.....must not have been that good. Oh must have been leftovers. ......but I know I didn't cook that night...and I had leftovers the night before that...and I had them last night too. OMG!!! I've been eating leftovers for almost a week!! Isn't that dangerous?!?!? ......I don't remember when I made the original meal! Dear Lord....they didn't smell bad...and they weren't blue or furry. OMG....I think I just threw up a little in my mouth....I think I need to clean out my fridge!
Ughhh.....better check the milk too while I'm at it...haven't used that in at least a week. Probably chunky style now. Blech... Hmm...milk....that reminds me, I'm supposed to make cookies this weekend. Oh my gosh.....which reminds me....I have to make out some Christmas cards. Eh...maybe not...I'll just make them out as they send them to me.Everybody else can get a free one from the internet...saves money anyway. Which I especially need to do at this time of year with all the gifts I need to buy....O-M-G......I haven't gotten any GIFTS yet!!!! Forget the family! I have a secret santa party I have to buy for.....and I don't even really like the person I'm buying for! I wonder if I have anything I can re-gift? Hmmm.....I'll have to check the closet...which means I'll need to clean it to be able to get in hate cleaning. If I clean the closet I'm going to find things that should go in the living room...then I have to clean the living room to put them away. Then I have to clean the bedroom to put away the things from the living rom that should be in the bedroom....and of course that means I'll have to re-organize the bathroom because there are things on my dresser that belong in the bathroom. ....well this is a pain...and I'm not feeling very Christmasy....although there's a Christmas song playing in the background. Hmm...which reminds's Christmas time......Thank really, THANK GOD...all this stuff doesn't even matter.
Want to find out what matters? Read the Christmas Story...the REAL one.

Love and tinsel,

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